Dirac 为汽车合作伙伴提供数字音频解决方案,帮助其优化座舱音频体验,实现完美音质。Dirac 的技术已被应用于全球超 16 家汽车制造商的 60 多种车型音响系统中。

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– Measurement-based

– Data-driven approach

– Reduce vehicle-to-vehicle variation


– Limited need for prototypes

– Decrease basic tuning time by 70%

– Real-time tuning on the chipset


– Create ideal speaker responses

– Faster decay time at low frequencies without ringing

– Minimized dependency on hardware choices


– Dynamic spatial upmixer

– Full immersion from stereo content, even above and behind

– Customizable experiences

  • 我们在产品开发过程中,每天都使用Dirac软件。Dirac软件使我们能够达到极高的音频质量目标。

    Anders Löfgren 音频质量主管 沃尔沃汽车公司
  • 我们的客户期望在每个方面获得极致的声音体验,Dirac在数字信号处理领域做到了极致。

    Mike Hanks 宾利汽车公司
    Introducing our breakthrough dynamic spatial upmixer

    Our Partners



    Dirac works with the key players in the automotive ecosystem. We can seamlessly deliver our solutions to car makers across the industry, making premium sound experience available for the many, not the few.

    All Dirac solutions can now be combined with ADI processors. This bundled solution enables ADI’s automotive customers to achieve an optimized acoustic performance and immersive sound experience more easily, quickly, cost-efficiently and consistently across all levels of automotive sound systems.


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    Dirac and NIO collaborate to push the boundary of automotive audio with the new NIO ET7 smart electric flagship sedan

    Dirac and NIO collaborated to bring Dirac’s top-of-the-line automotive sound solution to the ET7, delivering unparalleled sound performance that reproduces any immersive content faithfully, bringing the in-car audio experience beyond users’ expectation.

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    Dirac and Dolby collaborate to demonstrate high quality immersive automotive audio

    Swedish digital audio pioneer Dirac and Dolby, a global leader in immersive entertainment experiences, today announced their collaboration to demonstrate a high-quality immersive automotive audio experience.

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