11月 12th, 2021

The Arrival of Spatial Room Correction Technology

This article describes an…


9月 30th, 2021

Up-and-coming songwriter and producer Kerstin Ljungström discovers the power of studio correction software in achieving her celebrated sound

When acclaimed musician, …

Image of DJ Mangoo about Dirac live

5月 18th, 2021

DJ Mangoo on using Dirac Live in the studio

“I’ve found Dirac to be a really useful tool while making music in my studio. After using Dirac Live to correct the room, it seemed unnecessary to introduce any additional acoustic dampening as I felt the acoustic problems that I had before had now been solved.” – DJ Mangoo.

Dom Brown Duran Duran

4月 26th, 2021

Duran Duran Guitarist Dom Brown achieves the perfect studio sound with the Dirac Live room correction system

Dom Brown, lead guitarist for Duran Duran and frequent user of Dirac Live. “Whenever my studio is running, Dirac Live room correction is running. It has really helped me in my mix process because I can hear things more clearly. I’m not getting any colorization from the room and I can get a truer representation of what’s going down. It’s massively helpful.”


2月 25th, 2021

When Being a World-Renowned Music Producer Means Producing Music Anywhere

While working with acclaimed artists, Rami Yacoub learned that new software can turn any environment into a sonically rich studio.


3月 23rd, 2018

Mobile World Congress 2018: Audio is Almost Getting the Attention it Deserves

The 2018 Mobile World Congress has come and gone. Dirac was in attendance once again this year, and we left the event filled with a very promising feeling. And not at all thanks to the weather—which turned out to be the worst ever since we started attending the event back in 2006—but thanks to all the great people we had the pleasure of meeting, along with the equally great meetings we held with partners, journalists, and potential customers. 


2月 13th, 2018

Q&A on the New Dirac Live

As some of you may have noticed, things are happening with Dirac Live. We announced a brand new mobile version (for Android and iOS) at Cedia back in September, and in December we announced a new version of the PC based calibration tools (for Windows and OS X). So far so good. But we haven’t really said much about the hows and the whys, and what it all means for existing customers. Thus, the following was written with the intent of clearing up as many questions as possible.


1月 29th, 2018

CES 2018: My car is hopelessly outdated!

More than two weeks after attending CES in Las Vegas and one thing remains on my mind: Cars.


12月 1st, 2017

The New Smartphone Trends that are Putting Audio Quality at Risk

So, you’re going to buy a new smartphone. What will you go for? A year ago, the must-have features on your list might have included: thin, lightweight, good camera, powerful chip, decent ROM&RAM, and great sound. Today, you would probably add to that a dual rear camera and large screen-to-body ratio. Yes, dual rear camera and large screen-to body ratio are some of the hot trends—among others such as face recognition, augmented reality and finger sensor—which, according to experts, will sweep over the smartphone industry in 2018. 



10月 31st, 2017

How to Obtain a Good Stereo Sound Stage in Cars

Designing a sound system for a car has a different success formula than designing a sound system for a living room. In a car, neither the loudspeakers or the people listening to them can be placed precisely according to the standard.